Other Treatments

Root Canals

Infected teeth? Don’t have them removed! Save your teeth and have the root canal done here in Madison. We do root canals on all restorable teeth in one convenient appointment right on the hilltop. That’s right, usually one appointment for the root canal and one appointment for the crown. Yes, only two appointments and your teeth will be completely restored. Some offices take four appointments with the high probability of a referral to the specialist. We offer specialty care at a general dentist price.

Oral Surgery

Whether it is a simple or complex extraction of single, multiple or all your teeth, we can take care of it. Wisdom teeth in most cases too. We also handle other complex surgeries that are necessary for a proper fit of your denture or implant. Bony bumps and sharp points of the bone need to be taken care of for a properly fitting denture are done in our office right.

Sedation Dentistry

Over dentistry? Scared, anxious or hate seeing the dentist then relax and take a pill. Literally! We offer sedation dentistry in a caring, comprehensive and relaxed atmosphere. Want to crown your front teeth? An immediate denture with complex surgery, multiple root canals or wisdom teeth removed then sedation dentistry is the way to go. You take a pill the night before your appointment to help you get a good night sleep. The next morning, we administer medicine and laughing gas during treatment while monitoring your vitals to further insure a safe and comfy environment. The care is done and the next thing you know, your home and resting easy.

Cerec Same Day Crowns

Using state of the art technology we take a digital impression of the tooth, design, and make the crown the same day. No messy impressions, one appointment, and no having to come back!

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